Briefly about Eantouch Radio Online, it is a South African Youth Development Programme which focuses on developing the skills of local or underground talented individuals. Our programmes offers study sessions and in these programme we have deployed brilliant students from the university who best understand the struggles faced by learners.


Eantouch Radio Online focus on youth development by recruiting and giving them platform to showcase their talents (may it be a singer , poet, presenters, music producer other entertaining talents.) We thrive to influence our youth in a more positive manner and to help them reach their full potential.


We also offer skills development, empowerment and excellence,  shows that are aiming to strip youth off crime and to help them overcome challenges brought by poverty, crime and unemployment. Our shows are structured in manner that will help empower youth by frequently broadcasting about business opportunities and vacancies. We do this to ensure that young people get off the streets, get off substance abuse and engage themselves in activities that will make them lead a successful life 



Mr Philani N Shozi
Office: 031 333 2592
Cell No. 071 333 2592
Email: npshozi@eantouchradio.com


Target market is youth development and youth empowerment from the lower level to the mid-range (average). Here we look at the person who is struggling in life because of Environmental impact, Business, Talents and Education.


 A lady is 30 years old and have a son who is doing grade 11 (15years), staying in a township. She is Zulu and she speaks isizulu and english fluently, good in writing as well. She is beautiful, calm and they love to go to church very much. She is always taking care of her son.

 This lady is now facing a hardest challenge in fulfilling her dream. She is working and driving a car, she have been saving for so long but still her savings doesn’t help her out, instead, she have a lot of expenses and bills to pay of which the money she is earning is insufficient for her to reach her goals. Her son is at high school level traveling with public transport to get home. This lady also tried to open a business to fill up gaps and trying to balances the fees for her son of which she can’t fix them all.

 The business she started was to sale sweet, chips and airtime. She asked the son to sale it at his school while she can not sale it herself due to a full load of work at her work. The business grew up a bit but people were taking product on credit promising to pay the next day, but they were failing to keep their promises. The business started to lower down due to a loss of profit  to buy another stock. The son is doing Physical Science, Mathematics, Business Study, Economics, Accounting and life Sciences at school of which the son is having a hard time to attend some of the class (late classes) due to a transportation as he uses a public transport to go to school. She having a problem with Mathematics, Physical Science, Accounting and Economics. Some of the assignment he submit them late due to the lack of information. 

They are a renting a house in a township where she pays rent every month-end (bond). She is stressed and working under pressure. She sometimes take a public transport due to petrol shortage. Sometimes she uses the car on a red light, of which she have to get short cut, where there is no traffic. She now start to drink alcohol and starting to smoke due to the challenges she is facing. This lady was not married and the father of her son broke up with her due to the infidelity so she had to stay with her son and raise her alone (as a single parent). After that, her relationship does not last for long with anyone she meets.

 She is now looking for another job to balance the capital. The Son have a talent of dancing, singing and playing soccer. He is looking forward to push her music but he have no idea of where to go due to a lack of information and connections, while her mom has stress about monetary issues, Looking for a Job, also have a business ideas but fail to implement, her relationships collapse at an early stage and her son is struggling on her subjects. Again her son have a talent but they have no connection and more information about these careers. Now they want Eantouch Radio to help them. She is an active job seeker with no luck of landing employment.